Maintaining a Safe Community

Safety In Design

To increase the neighborhood's safety and maintain its family-friendly walkability, the basic design concepts incorporated into Edgewood Village reflect the principles from the Congress of New Urbanism and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Edgewood Village affords its residents with an "eye to the street" view, along with private patios, large front porches, attached garages and additional off-street parking for residents. In addition, each garage door is equipped with a motion detector security light that provides ample visibility for residents and neighbors.

The on-site walkways and internal pedestrian pathways are well-illuminated by the City's "Main Street" lighting plan, spaced at 50-foot intervals on both sides of the pedestrian-friendly street. The cul-de-sacs and on-street parking slow traffic throughout the area, adding to the overall security of the neighborhood.

Public Safety

The Akron Police Department maintains its main station 1.2 miles northeast of Edgewood Village. There are also satellite offices located 0.5 miles northeast and 1.0 mile southeast. In addition, the Akron Fire Department has its nearest station 1.3 miles east.