Job & Education Services

Supporting Self-Sufficiency & Achievement

Edgewood Village Resident Services refers residents to programs and services that will improve and enhance their knowledge, skill sets and marketability in order to compete in the local economy and reach personal goals.

  • Tax preparation through Akron Summit Community Action, Inc.
  • GED programming, computer training and employment services through the Akron Urban League
  • Job training for older residents through Mature Services
  • Learning Assessment services through Project Learn of Summit County
  • Skill - Based assessments for potential job opportunities
Additionally, programs and services that support self-sufficiency are available for referral such as:
  • Credit and homebuyer counseling
  • Health and mental health evaluation and counseling
  • Intervention
  • Personal and career development

Contact Information

Residents are welcome and encouraged to contact Resident Services at 330-376-9699 to request services.  You may also visit the Reach Opportunity Center at Summit Lake for additional educational and job training programming.