Living in Akron

Akron — An All-America City

Edgewood Village is proud to be in the City of Akron, a thriving area rich in diversity, business opportunities, entertainment, education and quality-of-life accommodations.

Originally a canal town that drew people to the area, Akron continues to benefit from diverse and cooperating cultures and ideas that strengthen and challenge the community to be its best. The various neighborhoods, architecture, events, art and entertainment reveal this diversity and create international connections that continue to bring prosperity to the area.

Selected as an All-America City three years running by the National Civic League, the City of Akron embodies the community problem-solving, civic engagement, and cross-sector collaboration required to tackle local challenges and achieve comprehensive results.

Together, all of these qualities make the City of Akron a wonderful place to live, and the proud partner and home of Edgewood Village.